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The controls dont quite feel right, and it gets boring very very fast. It could've been better, I truly see potential in a game like this but it has to be developed much more really. It also wasnt quite my cup of tea to tell you the truth.


Fantastic game!!

At first I thought it was just going to be a defense game, but damn this game is very impressive, the gameplay is very addictive, and the graphics are superb! The game flow is great as well. I really really liked it! Good job!


Very original!

Truly impressive, I would have never thought of a game of this type, its really cool! Its like Line rider meets Samurai plat former, its a splendid combination. I like the whole idea of having to draw the line on the enemy that you will attack. Although I'd say its kinda easy at times, and too slow. It'd be cooler if there was some sort of fast paced action, but nevertheless its awesome as it is.

Wao, great game!

Even though i got to admit Im horrible at it this game is genius. Its design is exceptionally well done, right now Im at my school and everyone is playing it in my computer science class lol Good job!


Not Bad.

For a second there I thought this game as going t be horrible, but then I got into it and it was actually pretty fun. I liked the concept, it was very very original which is a huge plus when it comes to flash games. Great graphics and very fitting music, nice job!


Not bad, def. meant for noobs though.

Well it was pretty to get a person started with actionscript, but for more advanced users it def. is useless. I woudl suggest improving on the User Interface a bit.

raider00321 responds:

well... this was truly meant for absolute begginners. in later tutorials, ill go into detail about how to create and remove movieclips, do special effects, movement... Well... just about whatever i can get time to do :P so keep ur eyes out for it ;) and yeah. i gotta admit... the User Interface is pretty crusty :p

Needs Lots of Work.

You desperately need:

Sounds: Background music, laser sounds, space shit sounds, thrust sounds, shooting sounds, etc.

Organization: this game really has no organization whatsoever, since you never die there is really no point to it, not only that the Graphic interface is completely messed up, it needs some serious artwork.

Originality: This has been done before soo many times, and way better as well. Add some originality to this type of game too, have different modes in which you can battle opponents, and also have different stages to avoid redundancy.

On other things it is very very redundant, and I think I have to explain myself much on this one, other than the fact that well the enemies are the same and everything is just more of the same.

Work on all these and yull probably have something going.

Its alright.

Graphic wise the game is superb, from everything to the menu screen to the actual game play graphics, but regardless there isnt much to game and it is too simple. Probably having other modes, other characters, or other abilities would help. On a side not the game lags a lot, although this can be fixed for the most part by lowering quality.



The controls were incredibly smooth which is something that I really liked with this game. Im not much into the whole Sonic thing but game-wise it was nice. Sometimes it got way to difficult though but through memorization it was beaten after many tries. Nice job, the graphics were pretty good too, and I liked the cut scenes in between levels and the like. It should have a score system though and other different modes, but then again it IS a demo, but for a demo it was very well done.


Good feel to it.

The game had sme good graphics which gave it a good, smooth professional look. Regardless, I recommend some music and sounds as already stated, maybe some different modes, time trials (lol i dont know maybe this is impossible with these type of games) Anyways, a AI would be nice too, it would make this game much much better. I think its score is way to low though, but o well. Good job!


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