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Clever and funny

These two words sum up this flash for me. Sure there was not much in the animation department, but that is just how these are made which make the meaning more concrete. Good job!



Great job on this, one can clearly see you spent a hefty amount of time on this piece. The animations is fluid and the music goes well with it. Again, good job!


Thank you.

No, really thank you so much for ripping the system apart! Its about time people did something about this problem.



LMAO no WAY! me and my friends were having a conversation about two months ago on how itd be hilarious to make an iphone shuffle that calls random people, and we sure did laugh like crazy about that. And now I just witnessed the same exact idea made in animation and it was hilarious! Fantastic job really, nothing spectacular in the animation department but on the comedy side, wao you left me in tears. Great job!! Damn blind consumerism!!


Im speechless..

This was honestly really good, the movie as random as hell but if you are conscious you can understand its message. Honestly it was amazing, very very original, it had a nice twist in graphics, and in the way to present its message. I liked it, and this animation is right concerning its message.

great line =D



Like the first songs were kinda annoying, but forthe most part the songs are pretty good. I just wish the character would've danced more, and that the music would've lasted longer. But It had pretty good animation though, and I liked the originality behind it. I haven't really seen a character designed that way before, so that was pretty nice.

Pure Genius!!

This is probaby the funniest one yet, it is simply hilarious! The parts where goku is in heaven were awesome, and the last punchline was icing on the cake. Good job!!

Simply Awesome!

Hell yeah!!! Great animation Bop Bops!! Whoever wins we are screwed and that is the truth.


lol I didnt see that coming!

Well the graphics were pretty original, and so was the whole storyline. I was surprised to see the story take such a twist with some sick guitar playing in the background, good job. My only problem is that it should have kept on going but o well just finish it okay?



Jesus christ dude, I have to say I LOVE your style, its amazing!! The combination of colors is amazing, and the story was beautiful. I like how everything flows in the animation as well, your animations deserve 4.00+! They are awesome! Your website had some amazing stuff as well, glad there are good animators like you on newgrounds keep it up!!


studiobitmx responds:

Oh! thank you very much friend ... really appreciate your comments ... thank you for visiting my page. Believe me who are your comments and words of encouragement which makes me go ahead. I am very grateful

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